Alexs Page


Alex Has lots of family and is not even sure who all his family is. When he was young he had a hard time trying to remember all of his cousins names and faces. But here is a small list of his Family members


Alex use to wrestle up until sophmore year when he thought it would be more productive of his time to get a job! So for his first job he was working at an Ice Cream shop and he now works at Taco bell. He enjoys hanging out with his family and friends and have fun. He also enjoys playing racing games Alex Has 3 dogs by the names of Jersey, Coda and Bishop. He also has a cat and another dog at his Dads house named Fritz and Rocky!.


Alex attends four county and has a teacher by the name of Mr.Geiger he encourages you to meet him if you ever get the chance! Alex also really enjoys the motorsport Formula 1. He hopes to attend a Grand Prix some day. Also, if you are interested at all there is a Youtube Video showing some of the coolest sounds from and F1 car! Also, Alex gets his license the 27th of August. He is very excited because he will have much more free will in terms of being able to hang out with his friends and being able to drive to school!